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Personal injuries can happen to anyone sometime in their life. When accidents happen, you need the experience and determination of a Personal Injury Attorney. At the Law Office of Scott Tremblay, P.A. we are caring, knowledgeable and want to see their clients receive what they deserve.

Personal injuries can hold people back from enjoying life, enjoying time with their families and even being able to work as a productive member of society. Our attorneys will visit with the client right after the injury or as soon as you are able to visit with us. As soon as you are comfortable and ready, our attorneys are there for you.

Whether you have a slip and fall accident at a store or shopping center, on an icy walkway, or even a traffic accident, this is not only embarrassing, but can be detrimental in all aspects of your life. Let our Attorneys help you when you need it. Scott Tremblay P.A. has the knowledge to file your claim, be at all court proceedings and also be able to answer all questions that you may have pertaining to your personal injury case.

Our Firm will collect all medical records pertaining to your injury, gather all relevant evidence and witness information from the police and deal with the opposing insurance company. Most insurance companies try to settle for a ridiculously low amount that will not even cover the medical costs. By hiring Scott Tremblay as your Personal injury lawyer, all communications will take place through the attorney, so that you as a client are not pressured into settling for less than what you deserve.

Our Firm knows what costs are involved; it is not just medical expenses. There are other costs also to consider, such as time lost from work, costs of in home care if needed, care for children if you are unable to do so yourself after an injury. If there is a traffic accident, car repairs or replacement costs are also considered in also. Contact Scott Tremblay P.A. to be there for you. We believe in open and consistent communication between the client and attorney at all times. We will work for a speedy settlement, but we will also litigate to obtain what is right and fair for you, no matter the length of time it takes. We will alleviate all stress for you, as much as possible from bill collectors, the insurance companies and we will also handle all investigation with the help of our experts when needed.

With our Personal Injury lawyer on your side, all you need to worry about is healing and getting back to your daily life and activities. Give us a call at 727-845-5504. We are here for you.

knowledgeable, hard working and gets the job done

I am a personal injury attorney and work with another attorney who does land use and zoning. Were were referred to Mr. Scott Tremblay for three of our clients over the last six months who needed competent criminal representation due to vicissitudes beyond the scope of this review. Mr. Tremblay is a lawyer who is very clever, knowledgeable, hard working and gets the job done in full with no loose ends. I would recommend him highly to anyone for any criminal matter. He was extremely competent in the matters which my partner and I referred to him.

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