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When you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and end up inside the cell doors instead of outside, give our office a call. Many times however this is not the case. There may also be times when a suspect is told to just plead guilty and it will be over and done with sooner. The law enforcement personnel may tell you that you do not need an attorney and that it is a simple matter and you likely will not have to do any time in jail.

That is a blatant denial of a person’s rights. All people have the right to an Attorney of their choice when they have been arrested. It does not mean that a person is automatically innocent, it means that you are wise enough to call and hire an attorney to help you make the case go smoother and to ensure that you are treated fairly by all.

Our attorney at Tremblay Law Firm in New Port Richey, Florida have the knowledge and the experience that is needed at times like this. Mr. Tremblay will meet with you at the first available opportunity after your arrest. Our firm knows all aspects of the judicial system and we will obtain all available evidence and witness statements to assist in your criminal defense case.

Scott Tremblay, P.A. can assist in many different types of cases. Some of these include, but are not limited to:

When Law enforcement acts overzealous, our Firm can be aggressive in your defense. We fight for justice and fairness by using the legal system to your benefit. When it comes down to the freedom and future of our clients, we fight fairly, justly and with an overzealous attitude. We come to your defense and strive to have the system work for you client. We ensure that all your rights were followed during the arrest and after, our experience and knowledge of criminal defense is on your side, we fight for you, to ensure that your future is still bright. Give our office a call and have KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE and DETERMINATION on your side.

knowledgeable, hard working and gets the job done

I am a personal injury attorney and work with another attorney who does land use and zoning. Were were referred to Mr. Scott Tremblay for three of our clients over the last six months who needed competent criminal representation due to vicissitudes beyond the scope of this review. Mr. Tremblay is a lawyer who is very clever, knowledgeable, hard working and gets the job done in full with no loose ends. I would recommend him highly to anyone for any criminal matter. He was extremely competent in the matters which my partner and I referred to him.

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